Dream Big Academy

In addition to our continuing efforts to improve instruction and meet the academic needs of all our students, we have created the Dream Big Academy. We started the Dream Big Academy in response to our parent and community demands for a high quality education that motivates students to set goals, work hard, and reach for their dreams. Teachers will work with students to determine interests and goals and then design instructional experiences that help students understand how their regular instruction in Reading, Writing, and Math will help them go to college, enter the career of their choice and/or become a strong contributing member of the community.


What is the purpose of the Dream Big Academy for students?

  • To improve student achievement.
  • To increase motivation by helping our students connect school learning with their own future.
  • To expose our students to a wide range of experiences so, that they have sufficient background knowledge to apply what they learn to a variety of situations.
  • To gain critical vocabulary skills as they explore, research, and experience activities related to future learning.

What is the purpose of the Dream Big Academy for the community?

  • To open our doors for the ideas and desires of our community.
  • To make Airport Heights a choice for all the families in our neighborhood.
  • To make this school a vital element in the neighborhood.
  • To make Airport Heights the best place for kids to learn in Anchorage.

What does the Big Dream Big Academy look like?

  • Field trips for real life experience.
  • Guest speakers that share knowledge.
  • Hands-on class projects such as hydroponics, computer coding, Kids-to-college, and cafe service.
  • Enrichment activities such as after-school clubs, Saturday activities, and student leadership.


Kindergarten Cafe

‌                               ‌                            ‌                


Welcome Sign

Kindergarten cafe



Students behind the scene

prepairing orders.



Students taking orders from 

parent customers



Garden Club



Planting seedlings

Children working in the garden

Building raised beds

Children showing what they have grown and will donate to Bean's Cafe.

Sharing the harvest with others




Green house construction on Airport Heights school grounds